Zaatar Marjoram


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Popular Middle Eastern Herb (especially Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel, where it is native) to flavor meats and breads. Wonderfully heady, richly scented and 'spicy’. Combines flavors of Marjoram, Oregano, and Thyme. When out of stock, this product can be grown to order in 7 Weeks.

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  • Zaatar marjoram Plant Care & Growing Information
  • Zaatar Marjoram - Wikipedia
  • Marjoram: Origanum majorana
  • Origanum majorana 'Syriaca Zaatar' Marjoram
  • Zaatar Marjoram Recipes


  • Zaatar Spice Mix
  • Zaatar Lemon Grilled Chicken
  • Roasted Cauliflower with Zaatar and Lemon
  • Zaatar Spiked Labneh Flatbread
  • Zaatar Lamb Cutlet Platter with Dips
  • Flavor Pairings

    thymesummer savorylemon zestmandarin peelyuzucuminrosemaryvermouthmeyer lemon zestlemon balmnigellaoreganotangerinetangerine zestwoodruffagastache flowerelderflowerapplecranberryliquorice

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