Wood Sorrel Flower


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This edible weed can be found mainly in North America, spotted by its yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves. Sometimes flowers can be white, violet, or pink. The leaves open during the day and fold to a close at night. Blooms from spring to autumn. This wild weed is known for its sour flavor. Other uses include medicinal purposes and thirst quenching. When out of stock, this product can be grown to order in 7 Weeks.

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  • Wood Sorrel Oxalis stricta
  • Wood Sorrel
  • Alternative Nature Online Herbal
  • Nature Gate - Wood Sorrel
  • Wood Sorrel Flower Recipes


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  • Cauliflower and Sorrel Soup
  • White Peach + Sorrel Salad with honey/balsalmic vinaigrette, not for sharing with dogs!
  • Flavor Pairings

    lemonfishchickenseafoodsugarorange peelsalmoncauliflowerspinachpeachoniongarlicpotato

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