Wood Sorrel


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A plant that grows small heart shaped leaves, often in groups of three. Wood sorrel (and all other sorrel varieties) come from the genus Oxalis. High in oxalic acid, this sorrel produces a tangy, sour, and refreshing taste. The leaves should be used fresh and they work well as an addition to salad mixes. Wood sorrel also pairs well with gamey meats and fish. When out of stock, this product can be grown to order in 5 Weeks.

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  • Summer Wood Sorrel Soup
  • Warm Potato Salad with Bacon and Wood Sorrel
  • Blood Orange and Lemon Meringue with Finger Lime and Wood Sorrel
  • Pearled Spelt Ristotto with Roasted Carrots, Parsnip, Pea Sprouts, Red Wood Sorrel and Chive Oil
  • Potato Leek and Sorrel Pesto Pizza
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