Micro Bronze Fennel

Available in the following variations:
Leaves 4+ Inch 4x 5-inch Trays
8x 5-inch Trays
Micro True Leaves 4x 5-inch Trays
5-inch Tray
8x 5-inch Trays
This micro fennel appears wispy or feathery and has a mild sweet fennel/liquorice flavor. It is often used to garnish desserts and its bronze tone is utilized in adding contrast to lightly colored dishes.

More Info about Micro Bronze Fennel

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  • Micro Bronze Fennel Recipes

  • Crab Bone Marrow
  • hake, tomato, bronze fennel; cucumber; tomato and chicory
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  • Crab Cannelloni w/ Heirloom Tomatoes & Edible Flowers
  • Flavor Pairings

    cumin orange peel passionfruit lemongrass crab meat tomato cucumber