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Reusable Container Program Fee

Reusable Container Program Fee

You are seeing this page because we charge a reusable container fee for each order. You do not need to edit or add this product to any order - it's done automatically.


We use sturdy plastic containers to be re-used hundreds or thousands of times, in order to eliminate single use plastic waste.

We do this because in the US, most consumer plastic is not recycled. Even packaging that is recycled once is unlikely to be recycled again. That means that most packaging ends up in landfill or in our oceans.

Some brands choose to use ‘compostable’ containers, such as those made with PLA.

The problem with these materials is that they require an industrial compostable facility to break down, and they cause problems and confusion in regular recycling waste streams. 

When the end comes, our containers are made of the right materials - higher-value plastics such as PP, HDPE and others that have a much higher rate of recycling. Because we deal with thousands of containers, we are able to ensure that every last one gets recycled correctly at the end of life, by working with commercial recyclers that we know and trust.


1. We pack your order into our sanitized reusable containers at the farm. We count each container going out to each customer, partnering with, the reusable container app.

2. You receive your delivery, put your containers into your fridge, and enjoy the product when you like. If you hold on to your containers for more than 3 weeks, we may charge a refundable container deposit.

3. When you’re finished, you rinse the containers (or use the dishwasher). You place the dry containers back into the Farm.One bag. Before the next delivery, prepare your bag to be collected. If you live in a doorman building, ask your doorman to hold the bag ready for our delivery person.

4. Our Member Envoy makes your new delivery, receives your bag and counts the containers back in. We record how many containers you gave back - and we refund any container deposit based on your balance. We wash and sanitize the containers, ready to be re-packed.


We charge a $3.99 fee for management of the reusable container program, each delivery. This covers the significant cost of managing and sanitizing the containers.

Please don’t use our containers to store food leftovers or other items, as these may stain the container.

We will charge you a nonrefundable fee if you lose a container permanently, or if you frequently damage multiple containers so that they are not suitable for re-use.

Don’t worry - everyone gets an occasional free pass for bad luck! We're here to make it easy.

If you ever choose to leave Farm.One (unlikely, we know), we’ll arrange a special container collection at no charge.

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Returnable containers

We use sturdy plastic containers to be re-used hundreds or thousands of times, in order to eliminate single use plastic waste.

We pick up your containers each time we make a delivery.

We charge a $3.99 reusable container program fee, each delivery. This covers the significant cost of managing and sanitizing the containers.

To find out more about our returnable container program, visit our Member FAQs.

Pickup from the Farm

We offer pickups Tuesdays-Fridays each week, between 1PM-7PM. There is no fee for pickup, but our $3.99 reusable container program fee still applies.

Our farm is located at 625 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Manhattan & Brooklyn Delivery

  • We deliver Tuesday - Friday. You can pick your delivery day at checkout and modify it with 48 hours notice.
  • We charge $6.99 for delivery.
  • We partner with HUNGRY, the last-mile delivery service.
  • We pick up your containers at the time of delivery, if possible.
  • We will send you a text on the day of delivery, and another when your delivery person is nearby.
  • If we are unable to make a delivery before the expected cutoff time, we may message you to offer a later delivery.

Membership benefits & fees

We are introducing an annual membership fee of $99 for the first year of membership or reactivation. Free 4-week trial before you are charged this membership fee.

Allocated Acreage - We create a dedicated space on the farm specifically allocated to you — your own little chef’s garden. Show your friends your reserved spot when you visit for a tour.

Special Pricing - For our beverages, collab products and other offerings, Members get first access and special discounted pricing.

Member Events - Exclusive Member-only events offer you the chance to join our Chef Farm Dinners, and other special limited-access events in our Pavilion space.

Member Tours - Members join a paying friend on any farm tour for free.

Private Events - Our Members get special pricing for usage of our Pavilion space, or private tour or class bookings.

Member Concierge - As a Member, you have access to our exclusive and dedicated Member Concierge. Prepare to be delighted. We believe in Unreasonable Hospitality.


Annual Membership fee of $99 for the first year.
Free 4-week trial - you will not be charged until your fifth week of Membership.

A reusable container program fee of $3.99 applies to each weekly/bi-weekly order.
A delivery fee of $6.99 applies to any delivery order. There is no charge for picking up orders at the farm.
See our FAQ for full details.

Ready? You can switch plan, skip weeks, or pause your subscription at any time.