Cinnamon Basil Seedling


Foeniculum Vulgare

This basil brings the spice with a warm, cinnamon-like flavor.

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About Cinnamon Basil Seedling

Cinnamon Basil, also known as Mexican spice basil, has a warm, spicy flavor similar to cinnamon. Bring this violet-stemmed herb into your herb garden by planting a Cinnamon Basil seedling! 

  • Your seedling will be between 3 and 8 inches tall.
  • With your seedling, you'll receive access to our guide to planting, caring for, and harvesting from your plant.

Cinnamon Basil...

  • Is used medicinally in Mexico and was one of the first herbs to be used in Ayurveda
  • Is high in vitamin K and also boasts vitamins A and C
  • Gets its sweet-spicy flavor from methyl cinnamate, the same chemical that provides flavor in cinnamon 
  • Can be used as a cinnamon substitute by creating a syrup by steeping in water and sugar

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Grown locally indoors, pesticide-free, and selected fresh from our farm on the day of your delivery. Packaging is compostable.