Blue Spice Basil Seedling


Foeniculum Vulgare

Blue Spice Basil is one of our most aromatic basils, with flavors of vanilla and sweet licorice.

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About Blue Spice Basil Seedling

Blue Spice Basil is one of our most aromatic basils, with flavors of vanilla and sweet licorice. Bring this unique variety of basil into your herb garden by planting a Blue Spice Basil seedling! 

  • Your seedling will be between 3 and 8 inches tall.
  • With your seedling, you'll receive access to our guide to planting, caring for, and harvesting from your plant.

Blue Spice Basil...

  • Is native to Asia, India, and Africa
  • Is high in vitamin K and is a good source of vitamins A and C, calcium folate, and the minerals iron, copper, and magnesium
  • Contains the compound bisabolene, which provides strong antioxidant benefits as well as antimicrobial properties
  • Learn more about this plant in the video below!

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Grown locally indoors, pesticide-free, and selected fresh from our farm on the day of your delivery. Packaging is compostable.