Micro Parsley

Available in the following variations:
Micro True Leaves 4x 5-inch Trays
5-inch Tray
8x 5-inch Trays
This essential eastern-Mediterranean micro herb is harvested once it’s characteristic three tooth-like leaflets develop. It’s bright flavor is reminiscent of celery and lemon with hints of anise and pepper. This general purpose herb can be paired with anything needing a refreshing bite, such as fish, eggs and salsas.

Flavor Pairings

nutmeg carrot basil rosemary sage thyme amanatsu coriander seed cardamom grains of selim black peppercorn orange peel cinnamon raspberry gin tarragon dill guava grapefruit peel mandarin peel cumin star anise black tea kumquat bay mace oregano parsnip tomato blackcurrant cilantro blood orange bergamot garlic olive oil clam pork