Live Pepper Plants

We are selling live pepper plants for a short time only. Yes, live chile pepper plants. We have some super-cool, kinda-rare varieties, all 24"-30" tall (so, ready to start flowering and fruiting for the summer).

Live Chile Pepper Plant

Why do we have all these plants? Well, a certain very-nice-and-very-prestigious client asked us to grow tabasco chiles for them. We went a bit crazy with it and now we have too many plants for our small space. They are all, of course, clean and pesticide-free and healthy and great. 

These are for PICKUP ONLY from TriBeCa. Secret location. Yep.

Buy our Live Chile Pepper Plants here

Varieties available:

  • Angkor Sunrise 30"
  • Del Diablo 24"
  • Guam Boonies 24"
  • Hawaiian Red Kona 30"
  • Malagueta 24"
  • Pilli Pilli 24"
  • Tabasco 30"
  • Tabasco Green Leaf 30"
  • Wild Hawaiian 24"
  • Zimbabwe Bird 24"