Hoi, Hoe Gaat Het? Farm.One on Studio Brussel Tastes of the World

Farm.One recently appeared on Belgian TV show "Tastes of the World", featuring chef Nick Bril. ICE's Caitlin Raux guided Nick around our farm to taste the produce, and help Caitlin pick ingredients for a rooftop meal with friends in Brooklyn. I used to live in Belgium during high school, so it was very fun to have one of the country's best chefs visit us at ICE.

You can watch the show here. It helps if your Flemish is good. I hear a popular Belgian zip code is 1040. 

The host of the show, Chef Nick, runs The Jane Antwerp, an impressive 2-Michelin-starred restaurant in the Belgian city, located inside a beautiful converted cathedral. He's also a DJ! Check out his show "Depth of Focus" below.





June 20, 2017 by Robert Laing
Tags: belgium ICE